People who constantly say “You know what?” or “You know what I’m saying?” or “You know what I mean?” in conversations.


TV shows

I love TV. This is a long list of what I’m watching currently (yes, I only watch what’s available on Hulu)


Lost – This is the only show I’ve followed from start to finish. Too bad the series finale will be happening when I’m in China! I wonder if Hulu works there…
House – Slowly losing interest in it, but when I’m bored enough I’ll watch it.
Parenthood – Just started getting into the show. LOVE IT! My favorite drama right now.
Desperate Housewives – Terrible show and only getting worse. And yet I can’t…stop…watching….
Chuck – Recently got really into it. Mike and I watched the first season in less than a week.


Modern Family – I wish there was a new episode of Modern Family every night. I just can’t get enough of this show! My def fav right now.
Better off Ted – It’s officially been canceled by ABC, but it will always go down as one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Also, can we talk about how Cougar Town, the worst show/acting/premise EVER, is renewed while Better off Ted had to be cut??
Community – Decently funny…sometimes. I mostly just watch it for the 30 second skit at the end of each episode.
Parks and Recreation – Also just decently funny sometimes.
How I Met Your Mother – Used to be hilarious; now just painful to watch. Haven’t been following for a while now…When will the storyline progress?

Really bad television I secretly like just a teensy little bit

Real Housewives of New York City. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just…the drama! It’s memorizing! Don’t judge me too much: I’ve only watched 1.5 episodes.

Show that I’m afraid to watch because I know I’d be obsessed with it and I’m really trying to pretend like I’m better than everyone else by not watching it



As I proud paraded around the apartment last night wearing a pair of brand new jeans from Express, I realized that this is only the second time in my life I have ever paid for jeans. This thought made me nostalgic so I’ve decided to dedicate an entry to the history of my jeans. Yes, you heard me. I’m gonna write a long-ass post about pants. And YOU’RE GONNA READ THE WHOLE DAMN THING.

The first memory of jeans I have is in 5th grade. Big bell bottoms (figure 1) and tear-away-pants were “the thing” back then. I told my mom about this trend, so she went out to Value Village (a big thrift store chain in Canada) and bought me a pair of dark purple jeans that flared out dramatically at the bottom. I was ecstatic and wore them all the time. But then I overheard some people talking about me behind my back.

Figure 1: bell bottom jeans

“oh my gawd, Shanying has been wearing those pants for days already! Who wears purple jeans?”
“Yeah, and they’re way too short. I bet she got them at Value Village!”

From then on, those jeans were never the same again in my eyes. Every time I sat down, I would notice how the pants rode up my legs, showing up to the tops of my socks. I was so embarrassed of wearing them, but I didn’t have anything better to replace them with.

Not too long after this, one of the more popular/pretty/well-dressed girls in my class came up to me one day. In her hand she had this pair of beautiful, new, dark-wash jeans that she said her mom got in China, but in a size too small. She couldn’t fit into them and I was the only person she could think of who was skinnier, so did I want to take them off her hands? I nearly cried from happiness. My own pair of BRAND NEW jeans that dragged to the floor even when I sat down! It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me.

That night my mom and I went out and bought her a thank-you present: a cute stuffed animal. The next day, I gave her the present while thanking her profusely again. However later that day, while lining up to get lunch, I heard her and he group of friends whispering:

“Ew, I think I saw that on the window sill at Value Village. I can’t believe she’d give that to you.”
“Grooooss!! I bet it’s got her cooties all over it! Eewwwwwww!”

Those words devastated me. I would never buy a present for someone else at Value Village! Not to mention they don’t really have a window sill. Also, I don’t have cooties. But that’s not the point. All I was trying to do was sincerely thank her for being considerate and thinking of me with what I thought was a nice gift.

That’s when I decided to go out with my friends and go shopping. My mom, who didn’t approve of shopping as a hobby/past time activity, was finally out of town. She had given me $100 for the week to spend on some food, etc. I took the chance and splurged with my friends. We went to Mariposa, a hip store for youngsters, and bought me my first pair of real jeans: a pair of bell bottoms that flared enough to cover my feet entirely. It cost me $40, which I knew was more than anyone in my family had ever spent on clothes. I justified it by buying them a size too big so I could wear them even as I grow older and fatter. I did end up wearing them for almost 8 years, until around sophomore year of college. I eventually threw them away when they no longer fit. Also…bell bottoms that swallow up your feet? It became a little too unfashionable, even for me.

Figure 2: Observe the mommy jeans and their effect of diminishing all sexy appeal

The rest isn’t quite as exciting. In high school, my friend gave me an old pair of Old Navy’s that she couldn’t fit into anymore. Loved those jeans until I got too fat for those in college too. After I threw them out, I picked up two pairs of jeans that were just lying on the floor in the basement of Senior House (my dorm). I still wear one of those jeans frequently, even though it makes my ass look saggy and it has a hole in the pant leg. Then a year or two ago, my mom got three pairs of hand-me-down jeans from her coworker’s daughter that I’ve been wearing ever since. And even though one of them is most definitely a mommy jean (figure 2).

Hence I decided yesterday, to splurge on a few pair of jeans for the first time in 11 years. Today, I am proudly wearing a pair of brand new, possibly fashionable, definitely not bell-bottomed jeans! (I bought them for $20; originally priced for $60. I am a bargain QUEEN!)

Okay, I just realized that I lied a little. A year ago I bought skinny jeans at H&M. But they were cheap and they look terrible on me. I don’t like them, so I’m going to say that doesn’t count.

Wait, I just found that I can check search terms from when I started the blog at wordpress.com. Oh my god. Allow me to share some more:

  • Babys – 3 times.
    That either means that three separate people spelled “babies” incorrectly, or the same stupid person search for it three times. Also, I have never used the word Babys in my blog before. Perplexing
  • mussels look like vaginas – 2 times.
  • im so bored
  • herbs for birth control
  • indian fattie sex
    This search term is from my previous scripts.mit.edu address, but nevertheless hilarious
  • catnip fetus
  • shanying cui
    Nice, someone googled my name! Come to think of it…it was probably myself. Sigh.

Search Terms

Seriously, guys? Can we talk about the different search terms that get people to my blog?

science of being rich
taking poop in public (4 times)
pooping in a friends house
reading while pooping
being 22 (2 times)
woman on toilet pooping (2 times) (why would anyone EVER search for that? Are they looking for porn?)

These searches all come like a month after I made my blog entry about pooping. Why are people so fascinated by this topic? Maybe I should start using other key words to attract some more readers.

Naked underaged girls who like to pee in public now mudwrestling while chewing gummy bears and screaming about Obama and his political stance on Iraq war and like such as the South Africa.
How to get your boyfriend to love you.
How to get your girlfriend to break up with you.
Sandy vagina.

Let’s just sit back and watch the visitor numbers roll in.

Why I love my lab

Reason 1: I come walk into my office every morning, graced by this beautiful drawing on my whiteboard:

Reason 2: Alex comes into the office, completely drenched from head to toe from the rain.
Me: “Honey, why don’t you just use an umbrella??”
Alex: “I don’t like umbrellas. They invert!”
Me: “Matrices invert and you still like them…”


Lovely videos

I should go to sleep early more often! After consuming two glasses of wine last night (it may have been by myself, but I swear I’m not turning into an alcoholic!), I was overcome with sleepiness. So I ended up falling asleep at 10 and waking up at 6:40am. For the past hour I’ve been sitting in my oversized chair, drinking tea, giving myself a manicure, and watching cool videos. After this post, I’m going to take a shuttle to Harvard and do experiments on butterflies. I love spring break!

I’d like to share two of the videos I saw. Love the animation and imagination behind this one:

This made me cry. Twice. God, I’m such a sucker for predictable, sappy stories. BUT THE BOY IS SO CUTE. (via Linda)