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I finally got my (fixed!) MacBook Air back. It still sucks, but at least the LCD is no longer giving me crazy colorful vertical lines. Despite the fact that my Air has been out of warranty, I convinced a very nice customer service lady to make it an exception, and I got this fixed for free. Kids, learn from your wise sensei.


The point is, I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera that I had forgotten. Most of the pictures were of food. What is that you see above? No idea. It looks like a squash/zuccini sautee, fennel-seed-vinaigrette endive and romaine lettuce salad, and…garlic bread?


And here we have tilapia with what I thought at the time was a beautifully cut piece of lemon. It doesn’t look so special now though. In the back is a quinoa salad and on the side is a few slices of aged gouda and a cheese made of ewe’s milk (forgot the name!)

Finally, we have a series of pictures of last night’s dinner. Lobsters were (are?) massively on sale at Shaw’s. We got 2 lobsters for only $15. Here is a picture of one of the lobsters before hand. Yes, Mike is petting him. The steaming red pot behind Mike is where the lobster’s friend was already turning pink. His friend put up a good fight, though.


For dinner, we had lobster salad on rye bread with a side of pasta and pesto. Yeah, we had carbs with a side of carbs. I thought it was ridiculous also.


I should also start taking pictures of my Chinese food, which I’ve really been cooking more of lately anyways. Especially since I finally bought Fuchsia Dunlop’s AMAZING cookbook. Chinese food is often not as pretty-looking though. I’ve actually been considering starting a legitimate food blog with actual recipes (especially Chinese ones, since authentic Chinese cooking is harder to find). Thoughts on that?


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Actually, that’s a lie. I had that for dinner a week ago. Tonight is packing night, so we had take-out. I’m just starting yet another category of posts, since I have a tendency of taking pictures of my food.

On the note of categories, I’m finally considering Usman’s suggestion from a year and a half ago to add categories to my posts. What for? No idea. Easier navigation, perhaps? Surf away, kids.

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I love my friends. Specifically, I love it when my friends compliment me on my cooking. Mike told me the meals I made this week were particularly delicious. And then Rodeo told me my meatballs were better than those from Rendez-vous, which is my favorite restaurant in Cambridge. Such flattery! I was soooooo happy.


I also made Ramen today, which I’ve been craving for weeks already. Everything was perfect…except the Spam that for some reason I thought would be good. It tasted like brain (and yes, I’ve had brain before). Never again!


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